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Shaspa - Shared Spaces, Social Networks,Social Energy Meter,Smart Building, Smart Home, Smart InstrumentationFacebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr and Google Latitude are examples of modern communication channels that create collective power for change. Shaspa social networks create opportunities for collective creativity in the development and visualisation of next generation Shaspa applications, which bring societal benefits through collective action and responsibility.

These consumer technologies are having an impact on our social and commercial relationships in virtual environments, often in opposition to how we operate in the physical world. These virtual shared spaces deliver an increasingly personalised and persistent experience by successfully encouraging the sharing of personal and day-to-day activities with a growing network of other people who then are able to share other personal information.

This offers a personalised and persistent experience which ‘rewards’ users for sharing information by delivering added value and enabling the individual user to better manage their network of relationships. This sharing of information and the value it brings to support social and commercial relationships is largely absent in physical spaces, although it does exist in places like clubs, societies and churches. Shaspa brings these attributes to physical spaces. Share information from your home or office energy use (and savings!) out to your social networks. See how your energy consumption compares with others. Challenge your friends, family and classmates to make their physical spaces more efficient.

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