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Smart Home

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16 12, 2012.

A smart home is a home that is equipped with technology to enable occupants to remotely control or program an array of automated home electronic devices by entering a single command, manage their energy usage intelligently and interconnect with the different technologies in the home.

Shaspa, Social Energy Meter,Smart Home, Smart Building

Smart Home technology is expanding rapidly as new electronic technologies converge. A Smart Home should now encompass communications, entertainment, security, convenience, energy management, networking and information systems.

Shaspa Smart Home

The Shaspa Smart Home Kit is an open platform that utilises a network of intelligent sensors which serve to provide information about the state of the home. Through the Shaspa Bridge, this information is processed and made available through a number of access methods like touch screens, Mobile phones and 3D Browsers.

Shaspa - Shared Spaces, Smart Building, Smart Home, Smart Instrumentation

Automated or user guided action is then initiated through the intelligent actuators connected to common household appliances. For example, a homeowner with RFID access cards can designate non essential household appliances such as equipment on standby, lighting or air-conditioning as appliances that will automatically be shut down by the Smart Home once the homeowner leaves the home. Likewise, such services can be restarted when the homeowner returns. If the user owns a mobile phone that has an embedded GPS system he could simply tie the phone to the Shaspa Bridge, that way a number of actions could be executed once the phone (you) leaves the vicinity of the property.

Shaspa - Shared Spaces, Smart Building, Smart Home, Smart Instrumentation

Other examples include the use of a mobile phone or internet to arm the home security system, control temperature gauges, switch appliances on or off, control lighting, program a home theater or entertainment system, and perform many other tasks while away on holiday, giving an appearance as if they were home. The Shaspa Smart home can even send you a text message to alert you that you’ve left lights on or that the water pipe to the washing machine is leaking!

Shaspa, Social Energy Meter,Smart Home, Smart Building

But how do you know if your home’s energy usage is normal? Shaspa offers users a unique opportunity to compare your home’s efficiency with that of other Shaspa users. Shaspa has the ability to automatically update your energy statistics onto your twitter account or into a facebook group, these stats can then be compared with those from other houses in your street, town, city or country. With everyone competing to get their energy usage low, the benefits to the environment are truly staggering.

Tomorrow’s Technology Available Today

Unlike traditional home automation products, the Shaspa Smart Home Kit uses extensive wireless technology and allows the monitoring of energy usage, environmental data, security systems and provides control of lighting, appliances, media, air- conditioning, home entertainment and any other household appliances from the comfort of a mobile phone, web page, 3D user interface or handheld screen.

Shaspa, Social Energy Meter,Smart Home, Smart Building

The Shaspa Smart Home Kit can be easily installed in any home without the need for any additional major wiring or renovation which means no unsightly wires that might affect the aesthetics of the home. Installation is simple and can be completed quickly. The Shaspa Smart Home is also modular and flexible. You can start with electricity monitoring, then add gas and water monitoring and then onto a full Smart Home.

Shaspa, Social Energy Meter,Smart Home, Smart Building

Those using Shaspa in the home will find the easy-to-install unit is an invaluable resource, showing them exactly how much energy they use on a regular basis and which appliances guzzle the most power. With the Shaspa display showing exactly how much power and money their appliances use, users are able to make smart decisions about power usage. The simple act of turning appliances off makes a visual, real time difference in the amount of energy being used and a noticeable impact on the next electricity bill! Users can also set standby procedures so that if a light or appliance is left on during the day, it can be switched off remotely from anywhere in the world.

Shaspa, Social Energy Meter,Smart Home, Smart Building

Business users will find Shaspa will save thousands or even millions of dollors every single year. Carbon emissions from buildings, such as those from air conditioning, heating and lighting, account for approximately 40% of the carbon footprint in most industrial countries. With Shaspa making everyone more conscious of the energy they’re using, this 40% could be drastically reduced. With sensors detecting the ambient temperature and air quality as well as the power usage of appliances and lighting, businesses are able to clearly see where cutbacks can be made to increase the energy efficiency of their business.

Shaspa DataLogger

Part No.: DAL-100
Data aquisistion system with embedded Web-
interface and multi-protocol support.

Shaspa Bridge Residential

Part No.: BRD-R-200
Shaspa Smart Home Controller

So take a look at what Shaspa can do for you and get started on the road to energy efficiency. Contact us at or via contact form.

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