Shaspa launches ‘Iamus’, the new IoT Cloudlet @IFA2014 in the IBM Business Partner Section

Böblingen, Singapore, Berlin 5. September 2014 – Shaspa launches its new IoT offering Iamus at the IBM Booth @IFA2014 in Berlin. The first End-to-End, secure, scalable solution based on Intel Quark, Intel Atom and Intel Puma6 SOCs. Combining the strengths of WindRivers hardened Operating Systems, the components of the Intel Gateway solutions for the Internet of Things, IBMs Embedded Informix Database and the Shaspa Core Services with its flexible connection Manager support the connection of more then one hundred thousand devices using various standards like ZigBee, ZWave, Enocean, KNX, AllSeen.


The base of the offering is the newly designed Iamus IoT Cloudlet based on Intel’s scalable X86 architecture with an initial offering of three versions optimized for different industry applications covering the areas Smart Living, Retail, Hospitality, Smart Metering, Assisted Living and e-Mobility.
Iamus consists of the IoT Cloudlet, an Edge Gateway using the industries finest embedded operating system Wind River Linux combined with an Intel Securities layer, including support for secure boot. The Database is covered by an optimised IBM Informix with the Shaspa Core services adding the Framework for normalising the various device standards onto an OBIX and an AllSeen Communications layer transporting the messages, to the IBM Softlayer Cloud running the Shaspa Backend, via MQtt.

The offering can be deployed on a physical gateway or it can be used in Conjunction with IBMs Bluemix Environment where System Integrators can use Iamus services and Templates to integrate them into their Application (on demand).

Iamus provides a Developer Kit that allows developers to take the available industry templates and build customs solutions that are compatible to the most common mobile platforms like IOS, Android, Windows Mobile and many others. The Developer Kit includes various samples and the Link to Download Intels XDK, an integral part of the Iamus Developer Kit. The sample applications enclosed include a number of sample applications to include important features like geo-spatial and time-series based information, support for OpenGL and an AppStore and Deployment Mechanism provided by the Shaspa Service Delivery Framework.

This unique offering will allow customers to take their product ideas from initial workshop to product (pilot) in less then 12-16 weeks.
Iamus, simple and intuitive tools with industry solution templates that drastically reduce the time to market for Internet of things solutions by providing a winning combination of important layers required to ensure the advanced, simple but scalable creation and deployment. In addition to the features just made available Shaspa’s support for the AllSeen Alliance and its standards are in important part for the future of the Internet of Things. To find out more you can also visit or visit any of the members at their booth at IFA 2014. Other Members exhibiting at IFA are Haier, Electrolux, LG, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Silicon Image, Sony, TP-Link, Razer, Harman, Vestel, HTC, Geo Semiconductor.


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