Cloud-based service delivery framework to handle subscriber and device management to service lifecycle management.

Manufacturer of the world’s most powerful connected-home SoC and a leader in Smart Power and Data Security, providing the extreme performance, power efficiency, and data protection needed for a truly amazing in-home experience

Monitoring, analysis, automation and smart control. Retrofitted to any building to improve efficiency, lower costs and reduce environmental impact.

Smart Instrumentation,allowing you to use any combination network of intelligent sensors and actuators using the most common protocols found in Building Automation.

Renewable Energy - Geothermal ; the Shaspa Bridge controlling and optimising the control of Geothermal Energy Generation with heat storage devices, complementing the Virtual Power Plant Module.

Renewable Energy - Photovoltaic ; the Shaspa Bridge controlling and optimising the control of Photovoltaic Energy Generation with energy storage devices, complementing the Virtual Power Plant Module.

Shaspa Smart Home solutions covering the areas Energy Management, Entertainment and Convenience, Safety and Security, Health and Wellness

Shaspa provides solutions for energy monitoring and smart building automation - from a single store; a large retail centre; or across a chain of geographically separated stores.

Virtual Power Plant - Balancing the various sources of Energy Generating devices , consumers and the (Smart) Grid

e-Mobility - using the Shaspa Mobile Bridge to integrate the control and usage of electrical vehicles. The Electric car can be used in combination with the Virtual Power Plant and Photovoltaic module.

Smart Grid - Using the Shaspa Bridge for the integration of Smart Meters, Real TIme Condition Monitoring, Demand-Response activity including Virtual Tarif and SmartPlug Control.


an End-to-End - open Standards based - Solution

Shaspa’s portfolio of solutions is built on the key elements of smart instrumentation, smart interconnectivity and smart shared spaces. Our end-to-end solutions provide homes, businesses and organisations with simple to use, robust technology that creates smart interconnected environments.
Our modular, fully scalable Shaspa Bridge and Shaspa Service Delivery Framework is tailored to suit the requirements of projects of any size, up to millions of units. Clients can deploy our pre-configured solutions or simply design bespoke solutions to meet specific requirements.

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