Manage your Home the smart simple way

With the issue of energy efficiency hot on everyone’s lips, it’s important to be aware of how much energy your appliances use. Shaspa is a unique and innovative way of monitoring energy usage in the home or office. Those using Shaspa in the home will find the easy-to-install unit is an invaluable resource, showing them exactly how much energy they use on a regular basis and which appliances guzzle the most power.

With the Shaspa display showing exactly how much power and money their appliances use, users are able to make smart decisions about power usage. The simple act of turning appliances off makes a visual, real time difference in the amount of energy being used and a noticeable impact on the next electricity bill! Users can also set standby procedures so that if a light or appliance is left on during the day, it can be switched off remotely from anywhere in the world. But how do you know if your home’s energy usage is normal? Shaspa offers users a unique opportunity to compare your home’s efficiency with that of other Shaspa users.

Shaspa has the ability to automatically update your energy statistics onto your twitter account or into a facebook group, these stats can then be compared with those from other houses in your street, town, city or country. With everyone competing to get their energy usage low, the benefits to the environment are truly staggering.

So take a look at what Shaspa can do for you and get started on the road to energy efficiency.

– Smart Home: Home Energy Management, Safety & Security, Entertainment & Convinience

– Assisted living: 24/7 100% reliable monitoring and analysis

Shaspa is so much more than a simple energy monitor. As well as showing you how much power you’re using, it can collect a wide range of data from any area of a building and present it to you in a clear and concise interface.   Shaspa is easy to install. Alongside the sensors you choose for your Shaspa setup, you’ll be able to see your total energy usage and manage the recorded data easily online. The Shaspa hardware is discrete and won’t affect your existing home setup in any way. The only visible part of the Shaspa system is the attractive wireless unit which displays your real time energy usage. 


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