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Shaspa - Shared Spaces, Social Networks,Social Energy Meter,Smart Building, Smart Home, Smart Instrumentation

Homes with oil central heating systems often have a tank outside in the garden, with a simple, mechanical level gauge attached to the side, or a wireless meter, inside the house. Sometimes whole communities – isolated from a main gas supply – run off oil. Each household monitors its own level, and calls the oil tanker when it’s time to fill up.

But there’s a better way. With a Shaspa, neighbours can see when other households’ tanks need filling up, and can co-ordinate visits from the oil tanker. This means fewer trips to service a neighbourhood, and savings which can be passed on to users as a discount. A Smart Shared Space for a connected community.

It doesn’t stop there. As soon as neighbours start buying their oil collectively, they can negotiate bulk discount pricing.

Shaspa is a social enabler, too. Neighbours can care for the less able and needy in their community. With permission, volunteers can monitor oil levels for anyone unable organise deliveries themselves, so they’ll never run the risk of running out.

Shaspa: Cheaper. Greener. Making better communities.

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