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Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr and Google Latitude are examples of modern communication channels that create collective power for change. Shaspa social networks create opportunities for collective creativity in the development and visualisation of next generation Shaspa applications, which bring societal benefits through collective action and responsibility. These consumer technologies are having an impact on […]

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Homes with oil central heating systems often have a tank outside in the garden, with a simple, mechanical level gauge attached to the side, or a wireless meter, inside the house. Sometimes whole communities – isolated from a main gas supply – run off oil. Each household monitors its own level, and calls the oil […]

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Social Energy Meter

Posted in: Energy Management, Inside Shaspa, Shaspa, Smart Building, Smart Home

16 12, 2012.

Creating a shared space might be as simple as giving a management team a better perspective on their energy use, or empowering employees to contribute to savings by giving them information that lets them see the consequences of their behaviour. And as more elements within our physical spaces become network-connected, the Shaspa Social Energy Meter […]

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Common Platforms

Posted in: Energy Management, Inside Shaspa, Instrumenting the planet, Shaspa, Smart Building

11 10, 2009.

Solutions are built on common hardware platforms, allowing for rapid and scalable deployment. Bespoke designs are available for added impact.

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