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Shaspa is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that enable customers to visualise, monitor, manage and optimise their environments to improve quality of life, reduce environmental impact and reduce energy costs. The Shaspa Service Framework is a unique framework that integrates wired and wireless sensors, social networks, mobile and virtual worlds through a set of standard protocols that provides an open, flexible, scalable and affordable platform for the creation of intelligent shared spaces that can be connected securely and globally. The Shaspa suite of solutions are built on the building blocks of Smart Instrumentation, Smart Inter-connectivity and Smart Shared Spaces.


Manage your Home the smart simple way

With the issue of energy efficiency hot on everyone’s lips, it’s important to be aware of how much energy your appliances use. Shaspa is a unique and innovative way of monitoring energy usage in the home or office. Those using Shaspa in the home will find the easy-to-install unit is an invaluable resource, showing them exactly how much energy they use on a regular basis and which appliances guzzle the most power.

With the Shaspa display showing exactly how much power and money their appliances use, users are able to make smart decisions about power usage. The simple act of turning appliances off makes a visual, real time difference in the amount of energy being used and a noticeable impact on the next electricity bill! Users can also set standby procedures so that if a light or appliance is left on during the day, it can be switched off remotely from anywhere in the world. But how do you know if your home’s energy usage is normal? Shaspa offers users a unique opportunity to compare your home’s efficiency with that of other Shaspa users.

Shaspa has the ability to automatically update your energy statistics onto your twitter account or into a facebook group, these stats can then be compared with those from other houses in your street, town, city or country. With everyone competing to get their energy usage low, the benefits to the environment are truly staggering.

So take a look at what Shaspa can do for you and get started on the road to energy efficiency.

- Smart Home: Home Energy Management, Safety & Security, Entertainment & Convinience

- Assisted living: 24/7 100% reliable monitoring and analysis

Shaspa is so much more than a simple energy monitor. As well as showing you how much power you’re using, it can collect a wide range of data from any area of a building and present it to you in a clear and concise interface.   Shaspa is easy to install. Alongside the sensors you choose for your Shaspa setup, you’ll be able to see your total energy usage and manage the recorded data easily online. The Shaspa hardware is discrete and won’t affect your existing home setup in any way. The only visible part of the Shaspa system is the attractive wireless unit which displays your real time energy usage. 

Smart Grid

Creating the right balance



Of late, environmental sustainability has emerged as an important goal for many businesses. Some businesses have realized that their day to day operations result in a negative environmental impact while some view increased efficiency in energy and resource use as a way to reduce costs and thus increase profits. One emerging driving factor is the public image of a company and consumers perception of businesses that make a real effort to reduce their corporate carbon footprint, a common measure of the impact of their operations on the environment. More and more companies are coming forward with Corporate Social Responsibility plans that include the reduction of their carbon footprint. Still, others see going green as a means of staying ahead of regulatory pressures and avoiding legal hassles as new legislation takes shape in countries all over the world.




With the advent of Office Automation, businesses today consume a huge amount of energy. Almost everything that we use in the office consumes energy, from the air-conditioning systems, lighting, PCs, printers, photocopiers, scanners, networks, business applications running on powerful energy hungry servers, projectors in meeting rooms to the coffee machine in the pantry. Contrast this with the office of yesterday where there were only desks and typewriters, fans and lights and we quickly realise how much energy a business consumes today.

What is more alarming is that much of this energy is wasted by office equipment sitting idle while employees are engaged in meetings, sometimes for as much as 4-6 hours each working day. With a highly mobile and global workforce, offices are sometimes half empty as employees commute for meetings and other business activities. Yet, lighting and air-conditioning continue to operate at full capacity.

For all the advances in office automation technology, the buildings that house offices have largely remain the same. In fact, as more and more skyscrapers are built and with demand for offices with a view, more glass is being used and more heat is being transmitted into such buildings requiring more energy to power the air-conditioning systems. This translates into a higher energy bill for businesses today especially those with a large number of employees spread out in many geographical regions.



The Shaspa Smart Workplace is a scalable and modular open platform that utilises a network of intelligent sensors connected to the Shaspa Bridge and the Shaspa Service Framework to help visualise, measure and systematically collect data from office environments to provide powerful analytical visualisations that in turn enable smart decisions to be made, ultimately leading to a reduction in energy usage.

The intelligent sensor network includes temperature, relative humidity, energy, water, gas, cameras, light intensity, occupancy and many other environmental sensors connected to the Shaspa Bridge through wireless or wired technology. Actuators such as relays, smart plugs, flow and pressure control valves are used to optimise air-conditioning for comfort and energy, to turn off offie equipment that is not in use and to optimise the office environment for comfort, convenience while at the same time reducing the energy usage.

Wireless sensors attached to a seat can sense if someone has left their desk ,PCs and other desktop equipment can then be put into ‘sleep’ mode to reduce the power used. HVAC systems can be optimised to cater for lower heat load when employees are away or commuting between offices or when the external weather is cool. Printers, photocopiers and other office equipment can be shut down or put into ‘sleep’ mode after office hours or during low usage periods.

To balance the demand for a comfortable productive office equipped with all the latest technology while keeping the overall corporate carbon footprint to a minimum, offices and businesses need to first have the ability to measure their carbon impact of their business operations. The Shaspa Energy and Carbon Dashboards allow offices in different locations and geographies to compare themselves against each other and for best practices to be shared amongst the different offices. Over time, an energy smart workforce emerges.

Studies have shown that an optimised office can use up to 33% less energy than one that does not have the capability to quantify or measure their energy usage. Progressive companies may also want to engage their customers by making such energy data or their carbon footprint available at customer service lobbies, or on their corporate websites or even on social media such as such as Twitter and Facebook.

So take a look at what Shaspa can do for you and get started on the road to energy efficiency.

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Reduce Cost, improve Efficiency

Business users will find Shaspa will save thousands or even millions of pounds every single year. Carbon emissions from buildings, such as those from air conditioning, heating and lighting, account for approximately 40% of the carbon footprint in most industrial countries. With Shaspa making everyone more conscious of the energy they’re using, this 40% could be drastically reduced. With sensors detecting the ambient temperature and air quality as well as the power usage of appliances and lighting, businesses are able to clearly see where cutbacks can be made to increase the energy efficiency of their business.   The Shaspa unit can also be used alongside any existing building automation system you may have installed. This means that you can set several automation programmes for your home and initiate them over the internet from anywhere in the world. For example, if you think you may have left a light on, you can command the house to go into a previously programmed ‘standby’ mode, giving you peace of mind and helping to drive down your home’s energy usage. Shaspa’s unique scalable solutio ns can help buildings services managers to improve how they run their properties, reducing energy use and significantly saving on bills.  

Shaspa delivers a “carbon dashboard” so that organisations can see how they meet targets to reduce emissions and quantify the environmental and financial benefits. When a company outsources building management it defines a service level agreement which may include certain parameters, such as emission levels. The service provider supplies the information about emissions as part of the agreement, but the property owner still has limited opportunities to actually control emissions. There are usually a number of different installations within a building, often affecting each other and culminating in a total carbon output. Understanding this interaction and working to cut emissions is daunting, as the installations exist in isolation with separate dedicated systems. The ability to be proactive in controlling carbon emissions has many benefits:

- avoid costly mistakes

- good positioning for future carbon trading

- reduce energy costs

demonstrate social responsibility

Assisted living

Securing your wellbeing

The solutions built on the Reference Design can be of great benefit to people in assisted living situations by providing 100% reliable monitoring, analysis, automation and alerts to carers. Our solution can be deployed in residential blocks or in individual dwellings where people are assisted at home.


reducing the environmental impact

Reference Design supports all aspects of E-mobility, making sure that transportation of the future operates seamlessly and effectively. For example, it will ensure that when you recharge your electric car while at your friend’s barbecue, the energy is charged to your bill rather than theirs.


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